Boy Butter Lube May Be Your New Best Friend

After hitting the market in 2003 Boy Butter lubricants have been top rated as some of the best for men, especially play. If you haven’t tried it, here are plenty of reasons.

Entrepreneur Finds Success in Lube

Boy Butter is still a young company. Its founder, New York-based Eyal Feldman, studied history and had hopes of becoming a history teacher. Feldman was previously working for gay clothing company Nasty Pig Inc. in order to save money for his product. At age 24, Feldman wanted to provide the world with a lubricant that would last even longer than silicone-based formulas and clean up easier than water-based. That is exactly what he did. The most impressive part: Feldman does everything from design to business matters himself (he's the CEO). He is even the official spokesperson (yes, that's him in the picture).  

Boy Butter products are one-of-a-kind, especially since they can be purchased in a traditional butter tub, distinguishing it from traditional bottle styles. The original mix is an oil-based lube with coconut oil and an organic silicone touch. The best part is its long durability which is especially desirable for anal sex.

Try all Types of Lube!

Don’t worry, Boy Butter has a large variety suitable for every need. I personally like the Boy Butter Extreme, which has 7.5% benzocaine, an ingredient that offers a numbing sensation, ultimately desensitizing bottoms and letting tops go on forever. The Original and Extreme are also available with a water base. The Boy Butter Fresca line is another unique lube. It contains a bit of menthol giving you a tingling feeling you probably have never experienced. Boy Butter also has a warming lube which is perfect for spicing things up. If you don’t find the butter tub very practical, Boy Butter also has products available in bottles and dispenser bottles. If you enjoy having a good conscience during sex, consider purchasing the Gold Label 10th Anniversary Edition, as a portion of proceeds goes to global reforestation.

New Products on the Way

Boy Butter recently came out with its own performance enhancer for males called Bonerz. The company is also expected to release lube for women. Moreover, Eyal Feldman has plenty of infomercials on his website and even some great promotion clips from Project Runway’s Hedda Lettuce! The lube can be purchased in stores and online shops almost everywhere in the world. As Feldman puts it, “try squeezing a little Boy Butter into your tight agenda today!”

Source: Boy Butter Commercial featuring Hedda Lettuce by Boy Butter

Photo Courtesy of Boy Butter