Queer New York

Gay Travel Guide for the Big Apple

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The United States biggest city is the world´s art, fashion and financial capital. The city that never sleeps is just a superlative!

Where to stay in New York

As New York is a massive city with over 8 million people it´s no wonder that every borough und district has its own unique charm and individual spirit. New York is home to a huge and lively LGBT community which concentrates on different spots. Chelsea and Greenwich Village in Manhattan are the city´s most traditional gay areas with dozens of gay bars, queer cafés and LGBT venues. Thanks to their central location the two neighborhoods are perfect to discover all of Manhattan in a short period of time. Hell´s Kitchen in Midtown is another gay epicenter. The hip area has made its way to one of the most favorite hoods and is full of amazing shops, bars and restaurants. There´s also a gay life outside of Manhattan: Brooklyn has entered the stage a few years ago and convinces nowadays with its very own vibrant gay scene. More alternative and less mainstream Brooklyn is a good spot for everyone who loves it unconventional and fresh. 

New York Gay Friendly Hotels:

Chelsea International Hostel is an inexpensive hostel in the middle of a gay area which is perfect to meet new people.

The cute Colonial House Inn located between the queer neighborhoods of Greenwich and Chelsea offers comfortable rooms and is only a short drive away from the Empire State Building.

Nu Hotel in Brooklyn is a modern and stylish place to stay while visiting New York. The hotel is located close to all of Brooklyn´s hot spots and highlights.

What to see in New York

Most of the world-famous landmarks and sightseeing highlights are located in Manhattan. Every year thousands of visitors from all over the world make their way to the exciting metropolis and fall in love its urban uniqueness. The Empire State Building is probably New York´s most iconic landmark. The huge building with its significant architecture used to be the world´s tallest building and is today one of the most visited towers on earth. From the top you have a wonderful view all over the city and fantastic Central Park.

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More than 40 million people visit New York´s green lung every year and enjoy the great nature in the middle of the city. Visitors come here to have a picnic, rend a paddle boat or listen to a concert. The park offers plenty of things to do all year long. The Statue of Liberty is New York´s very own symbol of freedom. The statue is located on Liberty Island and welcomed the immigrants who came to the USA looking for a better life during the last centuries. Today it is a popular tourist attraction and world-known monument. 

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Around New York

Of course, The Big Apple is a place full of famous skyscrapers and world-known attractions- but sometimes the urban atmosphere can become too much. Leaving the hustle and stress of New York City behind you for a day can be a wonderful experience. The Hamptons are the New Yorker´s favorite resort. Here you can relax, enjoy the beach and get new energy for the big city life. Bear Mountain State Park is located on the west side of the Hudson River and another out-of-city paradise. The park offers hiking, biking and even skiing facilities. Especially during Indian Summer the park is worth a visit.

Important Facts:

Best Time to go: autumn “Indian Summer”  

Visa: European visitors need an online “esta” visa

Getting around: the underground system works pretty well and gets you everywhere

Specials: time difference UTC -4, electricity works with 120V