Queer New York

Sightseeing Highlights in the Big Apple

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America´s biggest city is home to the world´s best-known monuments and sights. Millions of travellers visit New York every.

New York´s Attractions

The huge metropolis is full of touristic highlights and visitor magnets. The amount of top things to see is just endless as New York offers plenty of options. Almost all the world-famous spots are located in Manhattan. Once you are in New York you should take a look at:

The Statue of Liberty: The Statue of Liberty built in 1886 was France's gift to America. It used to welcome immigrants from all over the world searching for a better life in the United States. Today the statue is unique symbol of freedom and one of the best-known American icons. With its 152 feet it is the world's largest statue.

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Guggenheim Museum: Probably New York´s most popular museum these days. The Guggenheim is home to masterpieces of Monet, Picasso and Chagall. You can easily spend a whole day here and get inspired by the treasures around you. The building itself has become a real New York attraction. The modern construction by Frank Lloyd Wright is really spectacular. 

The Metropolitan Museum of Art: The museum fascinates by its fantastic neoclassical facade already at the beginning of you visit. Inside you find different collections about countless eras and cultural perspectives. The collections include Egyptian mummies, contemporary photography and prehistoric artifacts. 

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Top Tip: Memorial & Museum Admission

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LGBT Attractions

As one of the world´s most exciting and diverse places on earth New York has always been a center of the LGBT liberation and culture. It was here where the gay movement and struggles had started all these years ago. Each year, thousands of people descend on New York City for the Pride March, remembering the violence at Stonewall Inn in 1969. Today Stonewall Inn in Greenwich Village has become symbolic of the fights of the LGBTQ community. Located right across from Stonewall Inn, The Gay Liberation Monument was built in 1992 as a symbol of equality and antidiscrimination.  Christopher Street in Greenwich is another LGBT landmark. All the popular gay prides around the globe are named after this street where brutal fights between the police and the LGBT community took place in the 1960s.

From the Top

New York is world-famous for its unique skyline and massive buildings. You get the best view all over the wonderful world city from the top of one of its highest and most notorious buildings. Most of the tourists make their way up to the legendary Empire State Building. This popular tower used to be the world´s tallest building and is an US icon. No other building symbolizes the American self-understanding and national pride more than this 1545-feet tall construction. From the observation deck you have just the best view all over Manhattan, Hudson River and Central Park. Unfortunately the entrance fee is around 50USD. You should also pay special attention to the spacious lobby which was restored in 2009 to its original Art Deco design.

Another great option to see New York from the bird's perspective is the beautiful Rockefeller Center. The whole complex is a brilliant entertainment and shopping venue in the middle of Manhattan. The biggest advantage: From “Top of the Rock”- the tower´s platform- you have a stunning view over Manhattan, Brooklyn and the whole Empire State Building. Entering Rockefeller Center costs around 30USD and is cheaper than other observation decks.

One World Observation Deck inside the Western World´s tallest building serves a great platform from which you have a breathtaking view over the Big Apple. An elevator brings you to the top in only 60 seconds. The entrance is round 30USD. 

Attractions For Free

As a trip to New York City can become quite expensive after a while it´s good to know that there are also some highlights which don´t even cost a dollar. The Brooklyn Bridge, completed in 1883, was the world's first bridge made of steel and is one of the city´s most significant landmarks today. From the middle of the bridge you have a wonderful view all over Manhattan´s skyline and Brooklyn. From here legendary Wall Street is just a short walk away. This street and the surrounding area are home to some of the world´s most important exchanges.

St. Patrick's Cathedral is one of New York's best examples of Gothic Revival and surprises with its massive bronze doors and lovely interior design. The entrance is for free and even guided tours are offered. 

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Central Park is New York´s green lung with more than 40 million visitors every year. People come here to enjoy the great nature in the middle of the city. You can have a picnic, rend a paddle boat or listen to concerts here. Watch out: smoking and drinking is strictly forbidden inside the park. 

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