Queer New York

America´s biggest city is a Food Paradise

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Big Apple is home to the world´s top restaurants and eating places. Here you can enjoy culinary highlights from every corner of the globe!

Where to have Breakfast

New York City is full of highlights and adventures. A delicious breakfast is essential to get enough energy to discover this mega city. Luckily New York offers some really great breakfast locations. Bubby´s is situated in Tribeca and serves great breakfast and brunch every single day until 4pm. The eggs benedict and salmon bagels are the cute place´s pride and taste just wonderful. Here you can make plans for the day and start your tour easily.

Veselka is another great breakfast spot. The East European place convinces with its relaxed atmosphere and rich dishes.  Pancakes, French toasts and waffles can be found on the menu as well as Ukrainian classics like blintzes- don´t come here on a diet. Breakfast is served 24 hours a day.

Located in the popular area of East Village you can find Panya Bakery. This bakery is very different than others as it is a Japanese one. The standard breakfast plate includes fish, rice and vegetables. You can even enjoy a special morning miso soup and tasty tea. 

Where to have Lunch

While exploring New York you will probably get hungry. The city offers really good lunch places which are perfect to have a little break and take some rest. The restaurant Root and Bones in East Village is a good spot to have a fantastic lunch. Local hipsters and international visitors love this venue because of its friendly employees and high quality. Root and Bones is popular for its Southern US American food and especially the fried chicken is worth a try.

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Situated in the middle of Chinatown you can find a place called Spicy Village. The authentic Chinese spot serves big portions and convinces with its fair prices. Pork dumplings and beef pancakes belong to the cute place´s favorites. 

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Where to have Dinner

The city that never sleeps is full of top dinner restaurants and home to some of the world´s best eating places. Exotic street food stalls and hidden markets complete New York´s amazing food scene.

ABC Kitchen located next to Union Square is one of the city´s top addresses these days. The stylish place offers many delicious organic dishes and attracts food lovers from everywhere. The wine card is pretty wide and includes an excellent choice.

Tertulia in the city´s gay area of Greenwich Village belongs to Big Apple´s best Spanish spots. The place offers original Spanish tapas and South European delicacies. The restaurant is perfect for bigger groups as you can share tapas and snacks all together and have an amazing time. Traditional cocktails and drinks from the Iberian Peninsula complete the brilliant menus.

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If you are too exhausted or tired for dressing up and going out for dinner the restaurant San Cristobal in el Barrio can be your pick. The Mexican place offers take away and delivery options. You can order all the Mexican topsellers here and enjoy a great meal without leaving your house.