Queer Paris

Discover the French Capital´s brilliant Food Scene

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Paris is world-famous for its fantastic restaurants and delicious cuisine. Europe´s best cooks have their business here. Enjoy the unique French kitchen.

Where to have Breakfast in Paris

French breakfast is legendary. All around the globe tasty croissants and baguettes belong to the people´s morning like coffee and milk. Of course, the most traditional French breakfast can be found in Paris. La Bossue situated in the lovely area of Montmartre serves a very typical breakfast. Here you can enjoy homemade bread, French pastries and local cheese. Located in the queer neighborhood of Le Marais the stylish gay venue Who´s offers a great French brunch on weekends. You can choose between many culinary highlights and enjoy fantastic coffee specialties while chatting around and get on touch with people. 

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Where to have Lunch in Paris

In the middle of Le Marais you can find the cute bistro L´ange20. The popular place offers fresh snacks and main courses. Due to its´ central location near Place de Vosges L´ange20 is a good spot to have a break while on a city tour. Probably every gay boy in the Western World knows Kong. It´s the place from Sex and the City where Carrie meets her new boyfriend´s ex-wife. Located in the 5th floor under a massive glass dome the stylish place is a modern design hot spot. The interior decor will blow your mind and you can have a wonderful 360 degree view over Paris´ inner city and Seine River. Fortunately Kong has a very good lunch menu and serves excellent food creations. Having lunch here is definitely a must-do. Paris is also home to some of the world´s best and most important museums. The Musée d’Orsay is one of the city´s tourist attractions these days and attracts visitors from everywhere. But not only are the masterpieces of design and architecture worth a visit: the museum is also home to a nice restaurant. Caféteria des Musée d'Orsay convinces with its amazing food and extraordinary style. The place is a modern art hot spot itself and shouldn´t be missed. 

Where to have Dinner in Paris

Le Train Bleu belongs to Paris´ best and most interesting places. The restaurant is located in a former train station and its´ spectacular design remembers of King Louis XVI and Versailles Castle. You can find colorful ceiling paintings, majestic furniture and golden chandeliers here. The menu is full of French culinary classics and highlights. A dinner here is an unforgettable experience. Les Ombres is probably the French capital´s restaurant with the best view. You can see the city´s most significant landmark The Eiffel Tower while having an exclusive dinner. In case your budget is a little smaller L'Eté en Pente Douce in Montmartre is a perfect choice. The lovely place surprises with its´ charming atmosphere and friendly spirit. You can have traditional dishes as well as international ones. Especially in summer time the restaurant is a good choice as its´ outdoor terrace is fabulous. After having dinner here you can make your way to The Labo. The popular gay bar offers great cocktails and drinks. Funny drag shows and special events take place regularly.