• Is the holy bond of matrimony rather a trend? Comedian Margaret Cho enjoys her liberty in an open marriage with Al Ridenour anyway. Female Guests get Dinner from Cho Margaret Cho has been married for ten years and it is not getting boring and her open marriage is the partial reason for this. The actress can have sex with ...
  • Mister B is Here to Help

    In order to keep our sex lives exciting and stimulating we are always searching for ways to intensify things. If you are at that point, continue reading. Mister B originally began as a company providing the right tools for the fetish, leather and rubber crowd. Their brand is found and known worldwide and now has a wide range of toys ...
  • Hot or Just Plain Gross?

    If you’ve never lived in a college dorm you are definitely missing out. Dorms are just buildings filled with horny students. There are always plenty of gays meaning some dirty stuff tends to go down. Keep reading for one of my experiences.
  • Famous Falcon Studios

    As the founder of the gay porn industry, Falcon Studios has been setting the standards for gay porn around the world since 1971.
  • Yacht Failure

    Ever had a funny or very exciting sex experience? For me, the most exciting sex experience was at my early gay age.
  • Etiquette, Advice and Essential Info

    To avoid a monotone sex life we naturally seek progression. If you’re at the point where you are contemplating trying out a gay sex club, here is some basic info and advice.
  • A Story and Should You Do It

    Well boys, I have a confession from a little event of mine last weekend. I had sex with my ex. Here’s the story and a bit of advice.