Gay in Prague

Prague: East European Capital of Gays 

Prague is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe with good reason: The special hospitality, the beautiful architecture and cityscape make the city an absolutely must-see. 

Gay Life
The city is considered very liberal and open-minded. Because of this open mindness millions of gay tourists visit Prague annually. Compared to cities like Berlin, the capital of Czechia has no special gay areas but the most frequented area is Vinohrady. 

Contrary to other gay hot spots with gay areas, Prague doesn’t has special gay areas. As already mentioned, Vinohrady is most familiar with gay people and creative people as well. In this area you can find a lot of cruising bars, gay leather shops, clubs and gay saunas. Apropos: Since there is no real special gay area, you can find a lot of Prague gays in heterosexual clubs – music that’s what it is about! But also in neighbourings like Stare, Nove Mesto and Zizkov gay people from all over the world can find a lot of leather and fetish shops, gay saunas and gay clubs. 

The most important and best gay highlights in Prague are the Summer Adventures in July and the Prague Pride in August, with a lot of events and parties around. 

City, Culture and Architecture
Prague, the Golden City, offers a lot of cultural activities and sights. The most popular street in Prague is called Golden Alley. The houses are so small that you believe it’s the smallest street of the world. The most popular resident was Franz Kafka, who lived there from 1916 - 1917. It worth a trip!

The historical center of Prague has been declared World Cultural Heritage and shows influences of epochs like Romantic, Gothic, Renaissance and Jugendstil are noticeable in every part of the city. Romantic streets in picturesque old town with great shops and boutiques invite to browse. By the way: Take your time and use the tram for sightseeing. In this way you can enjoy and explore the city very comfortable and with a great view.

If you visit Prague you HAVE to see the Charles Bridge, one of the most beautiful an oldest stone bridges in Europe. The bridge is just for pedestrians and full of activities by day – you can listen to nice music from street musicians or you can buy beautiful souvenirs and art. 

Prague’s highlight is the Prague Castle with a fantastic view over the Moldau. With three castle courtyards the Prague Castle is among the biggest closed castle areas in the World. Don’t miss it!

Another a beautiful place is the Wenzelsplatz, which is about 700 meters long. The Wenzelsplatz is inviting to take walk, to have delicious lunch, to dance or cast a glance in the little boutiques and shopping centers. Prague offers excellent shopping opportunities for both, small as well as big purses. You just have to find it out. 

Whenever you think of holidays in a European capital, where you can combine partying, culture, art and nice people than you should choose Prague!