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  • Opens today at 22:00
    Allenby Street 46, 63325, Tel Aviv-Yafo
    Phone +972 3774 1106
    Bars & Cafes, Bar, Bears, Clubs & Parties...
  • 10 HaShah Street, Tel Aviv-Yafo
    Phone 052-3686883
    Bears, Clubs & Parties, Gay Club, Fetish
  • Open until Saturday at 04:00
    Shlomo Lahat Promenade, Tel Aviv-Yafo
    Phone +972 52 444 1091
    Clubs & Parties, Gay Club
  • Opens tomorrow at 22:00
    Rothschild Boulevard 6, Tel Aviv-Yafo
    Phone +972 3 510 0101
    Clubs & Parties, Mixed Club
  • Open until Wednesday at 06:00
    Dizengoff Street 98, Tel Aviv-Yafo
    Clubs & Parties, Mixed Club, Youngsters
  • Opens today at 21:00
    Yavne Street 31, 65781, Tel Aviv-Yafo
    Phone +972 03 566 9559
    Bars & Cafes, Bar, Clubs & Parties, Gay Club...
  • Abarbanel 88, Tel Aviv-Yafo
    Phone +972 3 681 3636
    Clubs & Parties, Gay Club
  • Opens Wednesday at 21:00
    Nahalat Binyamin Street 43, 65786, Tel Aviv-Yafo
    Phone +972 3 560 1758
    Clubs & Parties, Gay Club, Lesbian
  • Opens Thursday at 23:00
    Carlebach Street 23, 63573, Tel Aviv-Yafo
    Phone +972 3 561 5595
    Clubs & Parties, Mixed Club
  • Sderot Yerushalayim 10, 68029, Tel Aviv-Yafo
    Phone +972 03 518 4715
    Clubs & Parties

Gay in Tel Aviv-Yafo

Tel Aviv: The place to be in the Middle East

Most gay guys already know that Tel Aviv has become one the world´s most frequented and fascinating gay hot spots on the globe.
And that is for a good reason: Tel Aviv offers everything a today´s gay soul is searching for.
From amazing gay beaches to saunas and from historical monuments to modern architecture, like Tel Aviv´s special Bauhaus architecture, you will find everything here.

Gay life
The fast growing gay scene is alive 365 days a year, so you can easily enjoy good gay parties in Tel Aviv every single night, also during the week. Most of the regular parties are pop parties and you will hear almost everywhere some popular Israeli songs as well. On the weekends there are also big gay electro parties where people party all night and day. There is no special gay area in the city, so gay locations are spread all over the city, but don´t be scared: Tel Aviv is not really big and it´s possible to walk everywhere or to take one of the taxi buses, which you can stop just on the streets. The city´s spirit is super flirty and very tolerant. Tel Aviv also hosts a huge Gay Pride festival which takes place in June and has become one of the highlights of the city´s gay calendar that attracts boys and men from the entire planet.  

Perfect beaches
Of course Tel Aviv got its current popularity also because of its fantastic beaches. The city contains a never ending promenade with a perfect beachline. Hilton beach is THE gay beach in Tel Aviv and it´s always full of hot guys from all over the world. Located in opposite of the orthodox beach and next to dog beach, this gay beach is just an oases for everyone looking for the perfect beach day. It´s easy to get in contact to local boys and get the best party tips for the night. 
For guys who prefer swimming naked, the right beach is definitely Gaash beach. This beach is a beautiful nude beach and located a little bit outside of Tel Aviv, so you will need a car to go there but it´s worth it. 

Enjoy the culture
An absolute must-do is a visit to the Carmel market. This market is the most ‎famous market in Tel Aviv and probably in whole Israel. You can find there all types of food, second hand clothes and faked designer stuff. It is open and packed with people every day ‎of the week. Just behind the Carmel Market there is the Nahalat Benyamin ‎market. It is a more traditional self made art market that takes place on Tuesdays and Fridays. 
A tour to Jerusalem is just one hour away from Tel Aviv´s central bus station. The bus ride costs around 4€ and gives an realistic insight in the colorless nature of the West Bank until reaching the old city of Jerusalem with all its historical sights and religious monuments. The contrast between the two cities could not be bigger.  Once outside of Tel Aviv the Dead Sea is just a short ride away and nobody will ever forget the relaxing bath in the salty sea. Local buses bring you back to Tel Aviv every hour.

A visit in Tel Aviv will always be an unforgettable trip. It´s an amazing, lively city with a unique gay scene and thousands of things to do!