Gay in Amsterdam

Amsterdam:  Party and Culture between canals and bridges

Because of its´ liberal atmosphere and the city´s beautiful architecture, Amsterdam has always been an international hot spot for visitors from the entire world. Still today thousands of people make their way to the Dutch metropolis. 

Gay life
The capital of the Netherlands is a very tolerant and gay friendly city. The night life is vibrant with many gay bars, cruising bars, gay leather shops, clubs and gay saunas. There are several different gay areas in Amsterdam, all of them not really far from each other as the city center is quite small. The most important spot is for gays from all over the world is a street called Reguliersdwarsstraat in the heart of the city. It has become the main gay street in Amsterdam and is always very busy at the weekends. Nearby is the area around the Amstel Street with its several gay bars, many of them in traditional Dutch style and lovely atmosphere. In Warmoesstraat you can find different gay cruise bars and fetish shops.

Amsterdam has a few weekly gay parties but the most popular and crowded parties are those which happen monthly or even just every few months. So, if you like dancefloors with hundreds of half-naked sweating guys, check for the next dates of those irregular parties. The most important and best gay highlights in Amsterdam are the Milkshake Festival, The Bear Pride in spring, King's Day and of course, the huge Amsterdam Gay Pride with its´ canal parade in August.

Enjoy the City 
You should definitely rent a bike on your trip to Amsterdam and feel like a local.
Biking is a way of life in Amsterdam and its´ habitants go almost everywhere by bike. With all the bike rental shops around, it's easy to gear up and take a spin. Taking a car to Amsterdam with its´ small alleys and streets is never a good idea and will be just stressful. If locals aren't on a bike, they may be in one of the thousands of boats. With its canals and massive harbour, the city offers countless opportunities to drift. Hop in a canal or in one of the free ferries behind the Centraal Station for a short ride and enjoy the city´s spirit. 

If you are a fan of picnics and parks, the Vondelpark is the perfect place for you. The largest green space in Amsterdam is very popular with locals and tourists and especially in summer time the perfect spot to relax, smoke or to have a barbecue. With a high number of sculptures including one by Picasso, the park is also interesting for art lovers.

Famous museums
As Amsterdam has been the center of artistic significance for centuries, you can find some of the world´s most popular and important museums here today. The Van Gogh Museum e.g. offers the world's largest Van Gogh collection and also paintings by contemporaries like Gauguin, Toulouse-Lautrec, Monet and Bernard. Also the Rembrandthuis attracts visitors from everywhere and is a must-do for every tourist.
The Anne Frank Huis in the Prinsengraacht is visited by almost one million visitors annually. With its reconstruction of Anne’s melancholy bedroom and her actual diary , is it a powerful experience.

With its´ cute architecture and artistic significance Amsterdam is absolute unique and a perfect tourist destination. If you are planning a party trip, you should pick a date from the international gay calendar and fall in love with Amsterdam.