About Gay in City
The international, English online directory service Gay in City serves as travel guide for gay tourists and travellers around the world. Weekly new city and experience reports give tourists a closer insight where to go for shopping, where to enjoy delicious food and when and where parties shouldn’t be missed at all. In order to do so the local based search allows users to find relevant shops, clubs, stores and much more in the various categories of the portal.
Content on the portal is available for mobile as well as desktop devices.

What about the Flamingo?
The flamingo “Pinky” reflects uniqueness and specialty – just like the audience of Gay in City does. The particular colors of Pinky characterize the Corporate Identity of Gay in City, which creates the exceptional elements of the design - perfectly unified in a flamingo.

But “Pinky” is not only the highlight of the Gay in City logo the mascot also fascinates and entertains the audience on Instagram and Facebook with hilarious vacation shots. 

Claim the Business
The unique audience and the “Claim the Business” function make Gay in City a quite attractive platform for companies and business owners. After successful registration business owners and companies can claim their business for free. This means with just a few clicks they can manage, and maintain their company profile themselves at any time.